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Gotta Start with my Favorite: Harley Quinn

She was overwhelmingly abused by her significant other. She loved the Joker to the end of the Earth and to the end of Batman if the Joker had his way. Granted: she was OBSESSED! But that is love especially for us women folk. That blew up in her face. Long story short, the Joker dropped her in a vat of bleach and left her. But now she is breaking her back to do all the good she can. All that evil she saw, and though she is her own kind of crazy, sh still does her best to the right thing.

comic book ladies



Black Widow: Overly popular now due to the Marvel Cinematic universe taking over the world. She is definitely a super. And more awesome that all her “super” comes from training not supernatural or alien powers. She got where she is by blood, sweat and tears’ in overwhelming amounts. Her soul has been hurt worse that many of us can imagine, but she still gets up and puts the men to shame. All the while looking Amazing!

Black Widow


Cat Woman: I admire her so much simply because she does what she wants. Granted what she wants is vastly illegal but hey we don’t always pick what makes us tick. She hones her stealthy craft and becomes a force in the Batman universe that the Bat himself needs to handle. Despite all of Batman and Bruce’s meddling, she still foes hat she wants, without his blessing.

Cat Woman



Emma Frost: Wicked Awesome are the words that come to mind. She is one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel Universe. She not only perfected her skills but taught them to others so that her particular brand of magic would never die if she had any thing to do with it. She holds her own in every fight. She doesn’t try to be the phoenix even though we all know she hates that one with a severe vengeance. Which is of course about a bot but she is only a girl. And though hes not my taste Scott is the resident Pretty boy of the X men.

Emma Frost


Ivy: Also known as poison Ivy. A woman that can control any man with her variety of magic. She brings a whole city to hers knees. And why does she do this? to show the world that they cannot get away with their evil. Though she never goes about that in a reasonable or even legal manner. She had a point and she was going to say no matter what!



Power Puff Girls: The little tikes of the group. And yes I know they are not technically comic books ladies. but they should be.They were created by a man tinkering around in a lab. But that man loved them like daughters, and return the sentiment to their father. They stick together no matter what. They rid there world of evil. And they do it all with a smile on their faces.

Power Puff girls


Wonder Woman: The quintessential comic book lady. A woman from a world of women. She left her home. She made a new home. On her own terms. She even fell in love. Though she was drawn to the supers, there was love all the same. And isn’t that what we all want to do for ourselves. Make a place that is all our own, without the shoulds and should nots of our family.

Wonder woman



I love them all. They all do what we wish we could. But the secret is that we can be as amazing as they are. We will make a place for ourselves as we find the things and the people that we love.


Tomato Soup and Corn

As promised!

Check out one of our favorite family recipes. It is ridiculously simple but ridiculously good.

2 – 10 3/4 oz cans of Campbells tomato soup. ( I also use the 1 Family size 23.2 oz can when it makes sense)
1 – 14.75 oz cream style corn
1 – 15 oz can of any corm you like, yellow white or both, no matter
1 lb ground beef
salt and pepper

1) Brown ground beef in a 12 in saute pan or skillet. You want it to have at least a 2 in depth
– salt and pepper to taste
2) drain and add back to pan
3) Add corn and cream corn, stir in bring to heat
4) Add tomato soup, bring to a simmer
5) Let simmer for 5 minutes, while stirring periodically

Bon Appetit!

This is best served over white rice and topped with cheddar cheese!!

The Secret to the Best Meal Ever


Keep it simple stupid. This saying is used for all sorts of things (including a good back handed compliment). I take this to heart in the kitchen. I am a competent cook, and with the time and the mental preparation to be patient, I can make a decent multi course meal.

But the reality of my life includes a 40 a week job. 2 hours a day in the going from home to work and back. I also have a husband, not to mention myself, that is ready to eat when he gets home from work. Then there is the 6 year old that needs to get a good dinner before we review all the nightly tasks such as: homework, clean up, bath time and bed time routines.

The 5 course dinner does not fit into this picture very well. So I keep it simple and sweet.

I have a few things that make some dinners seem more elaborate. Baked chicken is GREAT! You can flavor it any way you want to match the meal. Once you get it prepped and in the oven you have your whole kitchen space, whatever that may be, to prep everything else. Canned vegetable and pre packed salads add a fresh flavor in a jiffy.

food 4
I also have a few simple favorites: which for this family is Hamburger Helper, tomato soup and corn ( it is as simple as it sounds and way more delicious than that), and of course chili.

Find what works for you. Another great suggestion is casseroles. What i love to do is cook a “stove top” dinner and prep a lasagna in one night. Then, the next day when you get home from work you just pop it in the oven and (( this is the BEST part))) take a nap. Which of course ends up as snuggling with the fam. Either way, it is preferable to being in the kitchen.

food 2

But here is the real secret: Make a plan.

I lay out what we will be having for dinners for 2 weeks(mostly because that lines up nicely with payday). It allows me to wake up later and just do the prep that I already planned, no caffeine required. And while I am work, there are no worries about the infamous dinner plan. And on the way home I just enjoy the only conversation i get with my husband where there are no children, co workers, family members, and that we are both awake for.

Including the shopping, it takes me 2 hours every 2 weeks. This simple planning saves me probably at least 30 minutes a day.

In short the Best Meal Ever is the meal that you planned. The meal that doesnt throw you off. the meal that your family loves because you get to spend more time with them.

Hope this helps you and yours,
From me and mine

Remember Me

Remember Me!

Isnt that what we all want? We want to be remembered. But we all think that only grand gestures are remembered. When in fact it is the small things.

One of my favorite memories of my father is when i was not more than 5 years old. We walked from our house to the closest fish’n’chips shop (( we lived in England at the time )) I felt like the most special little girl in the world. My dad could have done so many different things that day for lunch. Even is we did still get fish’n’chips he could have driven which we would not have spoken because cars trips with small children tend to encourage yelling or silence. Or he could have left me with my mother while he went to get the food. And of course he could have gotten different food entirely. But in that moment he got my favorite food and took me along for the journey. That was the perfect nugget of perfection. I hold onto that lunch to this day.

Now as a parent, I try to recreate that. Obviously we luck into the awesome moments with our kids, but I do my best to remember that the little things are as important as the big ones. Just yesterday,I gave my son a shelf on one of the bookshelves that we keep in the living room, and an Inbox that will eventually hold school things once summer is over. He was Soooo excited. He just wanted to know that he belonged in this family. ((plus he is better at cleaning up his art things since it is easier))

Just food for thought. The little moments for our little ones will help them grow their hearts as well as their bodies.

Mornings…but Naps

Remember the good ole days when we coukd sleep in as late as we wanted to? Yea me neither. Now I’m so used to waking up at 6am that that is the only time i wait up (barring illness or alcohol) i would lovve to lounge all day but then i know i would feel like crap. How is that fair? Its not. But i have learned the best trick ever. Naps!! They are by favorite. Generally a cat nap is best.

As adults we tend to forget about naps, but we get cranky just like the little versions of ourselves.

I guess i will get out of bed now. Maybe i will conquer some laundry and groceries… And then i get to nap. Yey!!!

Money, and mental Clutter

Its so complicated. Well… maybe not. For me it seems to elude me. I cannot ever have my money and spend it too. Today for example. I just got paid yesterday. So i paid a couple bills, got cash out – cause i need to use cash not card to control myself – went shopping at Target( where i spent too much money as i always do at that store) and then decided to day was a good day to set up my blog. Well apparently site number 1 is a complete flop. So i got this one up in running. which of course costed more than i expected. I am not sure why i did not expect it since i had actually done my research this time (( i have a bad habit of jumping in head first without looking, but that’s another story.)) So any way, I have already paid my bills, spent too much money at the store and spent “too much money ” online, and then in the process of checking everything, i find that this stupid website that was a free service has been charging my 16 dollars for like 3 months, which explains why i have less available on my CC every time i see the balance.

I really just need to pay more attention to everything. which shouldn’t be so hard. but i feel like there is so much in my mind already. Hopefully I can get rid of some of my mental clutter here on the blog.



Hello world!

Howdy Howdy Internet peoples!

Happy to be here. Hope we can make it through this crazy kind of Life.